Mini Caramel Apples

Mini Caramel Apples23

Mini Caramel Apples – This is a kids and family fun recipe in my opinion. Relatively on the healthier side as a dessert (apples I am looking at you). Also very good for kid’s parties, baby showers and special days like halloween, thanksgiving or christmas.

You will need 1-2 tips to make the mini caramel apples look good. I will be giving those tips in the directions section so stay tuned.

After you succeed on this recipe, this will be your strongest weapon. Do not get dishearthened if you fail 1 or 2 batches. You can turn the tides with these lovely caramel apples in any family/friends situation.

Do not forget to send your friends to here when they ask for the recipe 🙂 I will be covering all the tips to make this a success. Lets do this!

Mini Caramel Apples4


  • 3 large Granny Smith apples
  • Enough sucker sticks
  • 1½ cups caramel baking bits or caramel chews of choice (any caramel really, these are better)
  • 1 tablespoon heavy cream
  • Toppings: Crushed hazlenuts,almonds,peanut, any sprinkles, your imagination 🙂


1-) Peel the apples to remove the wax and achieve the maximum friction for caramel to stick on the apple.

2-) Scoop out mini apples by using a melon baller.

3-) Insert sucker sticks into mini apples. Go around half length of the mini apple. Tip: Do not puncture on the other side.

4-) Start melting the caramel and heavy cream inside a bowl. Melt them slowly untill you get liquid caramel texture.

5-) Get another bowl and put icy water in it. Do not let the ice melt completely. Tip: It should be close to 0 degrees else this may fail.

6-) Dry small apples with paper towel and get the moisture out of them as much as you can.

7-) Dip the apples into the caramel and make a swirling move to coat every part of them. Tip: Get the caramel on the stick as well to cover the apple perfectly.

😎 After that dip them into icy cold water for 4-5 seconds to harden the caramel around the apples. Use paper towels to get the excess water from the mini apples coated with caramel.

9-) Coat the top of the apples with any topping of your choice. After that step put them in the freezer to prevent the caramel from sliding off the apples.

10-) It is better serve them with mini muffin layers. (Worst case scenario) If they wait too long outside, caramel may slide off. At least these muffin layers makes them edible in 1 bite.


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